The Hoover Parks and Recreation Department sponsors youth and adult athletic programs that stress high participation, recreation, and sportsmanship. The city provides these quality services through a variety of structured leagues. The city runs each league according to established rules, regulations, a Code of Conduct, and consequences specific to each sport. Athletic participants are subject to basic rules, which emphasize sportsmanlike behavior and the recreational nature of city leagues.

Athletic Program Policies
  • Alcohol possession or consumption is strictly prohibited on-site
  • Challenge a city employee or official's authority may result in penalties for violations of the code of conduct
  • Display of unsportsmanlike behavior is not permitted
  • Dispose of trash in receptacles provided at each athletic facility
  • Objection to an official's decision through verbal abuse is not permitted
  • Refusal to abide by an official's decision is unacceptable
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited at all city facilities and events
Interested in becoming an official?

  • We are always looking for interested officials for our Basketball, Flag Football, Soccer, and Volleyball Leagues
  • Contact Brent Solberg for more information! If emailing, provide the following below to our email
    • First and Last Name
    • Interested Sport or Sports to officiate
    • Contact information (email, phone)


Rain Out Line: 205.739.7246
Please call this number for the most recent rain outs and game delays. It is best to call the hotline frequently for the most updated results.