Permits & Licenses

Permit Process

The City of Hoover requires a building permit prior to starting any construction work. This applies to homeowners, business owners and contractors. Please contact Hoover Building Inspections regarding construction work and permitting at 205-444-7586. The following information is helpful regarding the process for obtaining a building permit.


Step One

Determine the zoning requirements for your proposed project and the zoning classification of the property on which construction will commence.

If the two are different, you may need to initiate action to rezone the property or request a conditional use.

Step Two

Determine if the property will be served by a sanitary sewer or by a septic tank.

You may obtain assistance in making this determination by calling the appropriate agency or organization, based on the location of the property.

Note: For information regarding septic tank installation, contact the Jefferson County Health Department at 205-933-9110 if the property is located within Jefferson County or call the Shelby County Health Department at 205-733-0878 if the property is located in Shelby County.

Step Three

Once you have confirmed that the property is properly zoned and you have obtained the necessary information regarding sanitation service, contact the Hoover Inspection Services Department to apply for the necessary permits 205-444-7586.

Permit Applications

The following applications are available in PDF format for your convenience. More forms will be added as they are available. Forms must be completed and delivered to the Inspection Services office. We are unable to accept completed applications online at this time.

For more information, or for assistance completing a form, please contact the Inspection Services Dept at 205-444-7522.