Septic & Sewer Information

The City of Hoover requires a building permit prior to starting any construction work. This applies to homeowners, business owners, and contractors. Please contact Hoover Building Inspections regarding construction work and permitting at 205-444-7586. 

Before you apply for a building permit to begin construction, you will need to know if the property will be served by a sanitary sewer or septic tank. A sewer impact study may be required. Contact the agency that serves the property location in the table below for further requirements. If you aren’t sure what area your property is located in, contact us at and we will help get you in touch with the correct agency.

Area of HooverAgency / OrganizationPhone Number
RiverchaseHoover Inspection Services205-444-7522
Trace CrossingsJefferson County Environmental Services Division205-325-5138
SouthlakeHoover Inspection Services205-444-7522
GreystoneSouthwest Water205-444-3657
Highway 150 Force Main Access (Commercial)Jefferson County Environmental Services Division205-325-5138
InvernessHoover Inspection Services205-444-7522
MeadowbrookSouthwest Water205-444-3657
Other areas of Hoover within Jefferson CountyJefferson County Environmental Services Division205-325-5138
Other areas of Hoover within Shelby CountySouthwest Water205-444-3657

Note: For information regarding septic tank installation, contact the Jefferson County Health Department at 205-933-9110 if the property is located within Jefferson County or call the Shelby County Health Department at 205-733-0878 if the property is located in Shelby County.

Hoover Managed Systems - Sewer Impact Permit is Required

If your construction or development ties to a system that is managed by Hoover Inspection Services, a sewer impact permit will be required.

Next Step

Once you have confirmed that the property is properly zoned and you have obtained the necessary information regarding sanitation service, contact the Hoover Inspection Services Department to apply for the necessary permits 205-444-7586. Before a permit can be issued, we must receive approval from the governing system.