Economic Development

Responsibilities & Services

The Hoover Development Office has three major objectives relating to development:
  • To expand the potential market for Hoover businesses
  • To facilitate access to Hoover businesses
  • To target the attraction, retention, and expansion of businesses that are most beneficial to the city’s economy and that have the most growth potential

The Development Office can assist by identifying sites; assisting with expansion or relocation plans; providing demographic information; and, making referrals to other appropriate city departments.

Hoover is a dynamic business environment whose geographic location at the intersection of two interstate highways and its access from three U.S. highways make it an ideal site for all businesses, especially retail.

Public Safety Services

Public safety services are recognized as some of the best in the state. The combination of these services with an outstanding school system and excellent library and recreation facilities offer a superb quality of life that makes Hoover a natural for business investments that increase in value.

Additional Information

If you need assistance or information, please contact the Development Office at 205-739-6889 or by email