Neighborhood Bridges Program

We all know it’s great to live in a city like Hoover where everyone is eager to support their neighbors, especially during these trying times.  

neighborhood bridges logo

A great place to help out others is through Neighborhood Bridges.  Neighborhood Bridges is managed by our great school counselors and designed to help you deliver acts of kindness to those in need.  It is truly a gateway to kindness!  

Here’s how it works: specific student needs will come to you via email and through social media.  It takes less than ten seconds to join this campaign for kindness.  Please help by going to, select Hoover and enter your email address.  

You can also follow their Facebook page at neighborhood bridges hoover.  Cash donations at Neighborhood Bridges Hoover or by sending a check to PO Box 360865, Hoover 35236.  Thank you for helping and for being kind to others.